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Martin Davies

Martin Davies

Chief Executive

Welcome to Lincolnshire Probation Trust

Hello and welcome to Lincolnshire Probation Trust!

I hope that you will find our website useful and that it answers your questions about our business, which is to serve you, the public. We achieve this in a variety of ways, with our two primary aims at the heart of everything we do, namely;

To protect the public and

To reduce reoffending by offenders

By working in partnership with others, and through the dedication of the staff who work here or Lincolnshire Probation Trust, we make a real contribution to our communities. Whether this be through working with victims, or with offenders in the community, in prison or upon their release from prison, we are committed to providing Lincolnshire with the best possible service.

I am extremely proud of the work my staff do, and the challenges they face daily cannot be underestimated, but in equal measure, success in changing a person's behaviour and making our communities safer is a reward which is second to none!

Enjoy the site and if you have any questions, please email us via the 'Contact Us' page.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Martin Davies

Chief Executive

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Employment is key to helping someone stop offending. If you were an employer, would you give an ex-offender a job?
This poll closed on 31/01/2013
Yes, everyone deserves a chance
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Maybe - depends on the offence
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Suggest a Community Payback Project

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Complete our on-line form to request some unpaid work by offenders for your community.

Request a Presentation

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A FREE & lively debate for community groups, based on a fictitious case in the magistrates' courts.

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Judge for yourself

Innovative online game which invites you to decide on the most suitable sentence for four virtual offenders.